Saint Seiya: Soul of Gold

As the Bronze Saints are fully engaged in an epic battle down in Ade's Kingdom, the Golden heroes come mysteriously back to life in Asgard where something ominous is happening.

Duration: N/A

Quality: HD

Release: 2015

IMDb: 7.8

Season 1 - Saint Seiya: Soul of Gold
"During the battle with Hades, in the underworld, the twelve Gold Saints gave their lives to destroy the Wailing Wall and open Seiya's breach. Though they should have been destroyed, Aiolia and the other gold saints are resurrected in a beautiful world overflowing with light. Just why have these men who should be dead been revived? Aiolia has a new encounter and becomes embroiled in a battle with this large mystery unsolved, and when he raises his Cosmo to the limits... Leo's Cloth transforms!"
"Aiolia had defeated Frodi after his Gold Cloth had evolved into a new form. However, a mysterious pattern reappeared on his body again, and he collapses to the ground.\n\nLyfia runs around to find help for Aiolia, but soon collapses herself, too.\n\nWhen she wakes up, she finds herself with a young boy and Aries Mu, who carries the Cloth Box.\n\nMeanwhile, a guy was heading alone to the fighting arena in Asgard. His name was Taurus Aldebaran, and he too, was trying to find the reason to why he was given another life."
"Scorpio Miro finally goes up against God Warrior Surtr. And the other man who stands before Miro is actually the Gold Saint Aquarius Camus! Meanwhile, Aiolia and Lyfia who are heading to the great tree Yggdrasil happen to bump into Cancer Deathmask in the town. Lyfia cannot hide her surprise in seeing this man who seems nothing like a Gold Saint, but she still asks Deathmask to save Asgard. However, Deathmask refuses to join the fight. The area gets engulfed in the tense atmosphere created by the Cosmos of the Gold Saints Aiolia and Deathmask!"
"When Miro was about to meet his fate due to Surtr\u2019s cunning tactics, out comes Gemini Saga, the most powerful Gold Saint who serves Athena. Breaking free from Miro trying to hold him back, Saga fires \u201cGalaxian Explosion\u201d to Camus and the others. Meanwhile, Helena, whom Deathmask secretly loves, is beckoned to the brutal God Warrior Fafner\u2019s deadly invitation known as \u201cCure for Disease.\u201d Deathmask gets suspicious when he sees the flower shop closed, and without being able to get rid of his worries after seeing the siblings\u2019 behavior, he rushes to the hospital where Helena is."
"Learning of the God Cloths\u2019 powers from Shaka, Mu telepathically tells Aiolia and Lyfia, who are headed to Yggdrasil, that its barrier can be broken using their God Cloths to raise their Cosmo to the limit to attack the 3 key points of the Great Root."
"The Gold Saints are lured into Yggdrasil by Andreas after breaking Fimbulwinter. Lyfia states the brewing evil can be stopped by destroying the statues in the 7 chambers. The Gold Saints advance with renewed resolve, while a change occurs in Lyfia."
"A showdown of Gold Saints vs. God Warriors in the 7 chambers starts at last! Taurus Aldebaran faces God Warrior Hercules yet again. Meanwhile, in the chamber of ice, Gold Saints Shura and Camus engage in an ultimate battle of God Cloth vs. God Cloth."
"Shaka, the man closest to the gods, faces God Warrior Balder in the chamber of light. He lives up to his reputation, but Balder subdues him with immense power! Meanwhile, Deathmask takes Fafner to the gateway to the land of the dead to settle all scores."
"Sigmund, determined to avenge his younger brother Siegfried, is brushed aside by the immense power of the \u201cstrongest\u201d Gold Saint Saga. Meanwhile, in the chamber of the brave, a fierce battle continues between Aiolia and Frodi, when Lyfia steps in! "
"Holding Lyfia\u2019s words close to heart, Aiolia finally faces Andreas! Andreas scornfully recounts how he manipulated Lyfia. Fuming with rage, Aiolia\u2019s immense Cosmo turns into a God Cloth! Meanwhile, Frodi is cornered by Utgardar\u2019s forceful swordplay."
"The ultimate forbidden attack Athena Exclamation by Mu, Saga, and Dohko annihilates Andreas! However, the evil fruit continues to grow, swallowing the Gold Saints! While stripped of his Gold Cloth, Aiolia faces Loki with a burning Cosmo in his heart!"
"Empowered by his brother\u2019s determination, Lyfia\u2019s faith, and the Odin Robe, Aiolia, with Odin\u2019s sword and Draupnir in hand, faces off against Loki! The ultimate battle reaches its climax - Aiolia\u2019s fist vs. the Spear of Gungnir \u2013 who will take victory?!"
"All 12 Gold Saints gather since the Wailing Wall! With the purpose of reviving on earth close at heart, they face the false god Loki who\u2019s armed with the Spear of Gungnir! However, the 12 Gold Saints are overpowered by the absolute power of god."