Regal Academy

A girl finds a magic key and falls into Fairytale Land, and attends Regal Academy, a school for the children of fairytales.

Duration: 23 min

Quality: HD

Release: 2016

IMDb: 6.6

Season 1 - Regal Academy
13 Aug 2016
"Rose falls into the Fairy Tale Land. It's the beginning of her adventure at her new school Regal Academy, with fairy tale classmates, all grandchildren of fairy tales. And could Rose be the granddaughter of Cinderella?"
20 Aug 2016
"It's the day Rose, Hawk, Travis, Astoria, and Joy have been waiting for - it's time for Dragon Riding Class! Class ends with a race to Dragon Land, but things won't turn out so easy. Who will pass the finish line first?"
27 Aug 2016
"Magister Rapunzel, the literature teacher, sends Rose's team to the swamp for a special assignment. What sounds like a boring day of hunting down plants turns into chaos, with frogs, monsters, and swans!"
03 Sep 2016
"Rose and Hawk are happy for their first day of Heroism Class. Their assignment is to get a golden egg from the giant's castle. Will our team accomplish this hard mission?"
10 Sep 2016
"Rose is devastated when Doctor LeFrog confiscates her Fairy Tale Collection. But Vicky and Shire Cat create a threatening evil potion, and only her collection can help the heroes save the situation!"
08 Oct 2016
"The Gate to Earth becomes mysteriously closed, so Granny Cinderella invites Rose, Joy, and Astoria to a sleepover at Cinderella Castle! Someone is stealing Granny's shoe collection, and they have to solve the mystery!"
01 Oct 2016
"The heroes meet the new decorum teacher Bea, granddaughter of the Princess and the Pea. She's a drill sergeant and threatens to fail everyone! Will a more comfortable bed for Bea earn the team a good grade?"
22 Oct 2016
"Rose has handled any enemy, but now she's face to face with the one she can't deal with - her mom is mad at her! Meanwhile, the Shortbread Witch ambushes Hawk, Astoria and the others in cooking class! Only Rose can rescue them!"
15 Oct 2016
"Rose is devastated when Doctor LeFrog confiscates her Fairy Tale Collection. But Vicky and Shire Cat create a threatening evil potion, and only her collection can help the heroes save the situation!"
29 Oct 2016
"Humpty Dumpty is at Regal Academy for the annual treasure hunt: who will find the hidden egg? During their search, Rose's team is chased by the Bad Wolf summoned by Vicky."
05 Nov 2016
"Regal Academy turns back into...a huge pumpkin patch! The teachers can't recast the spell to save Regal Academy without a rare colossal pumpkin. Will Rose's team find the rare pumpkin and save the school?"
12 Nov 2016
"At the Grand Ball, Joy has only eyes for Esquire Frog, whose curse has never been broken. Joy and Rose plan to kiss him with special curse-breaking lipstick. But Vicky invites Candlewick, and the ball turns into chaos!"
14 Jan 2017
"No description"
"No description"
23 Oct 2016
"The Evil Queen, SnowWhite's stepmother, is now the new poisons teacher. Hawk and Rose have to convince the teachers the old lady is up to no good before she completes her evil plan: to kidnap Granny SnowWhite!"
11 Feb 2017
12 Nov 2016
"Astoria wakes up in the school library every day. Her friends watch over her at night and find out her own ivy-hair takes her there asleep! Our heroes get a magic shampoo cure, but Astoria's hair is one step ahead of them!"
04 Mar 2017
"When Rose invites her mother to return to Regal Academy on \"Bring Your Parents To School Day,\" she catches the attention of Melvin, the evil grandson of Merlin the Wizard - who challenges her to a duel of magic!"
13 Nov 2016
"LingLing's grandmother Princess Iron Fan is kidnapped by the Monkey King! Will our heroes handle the mighty Buffalo King, Vicky's backstabbing tricks, and lots and lots of screaming monkeys to save her?"
24 Oct 2016
"Thumbelina comes to Regal Academy with her mom, Mother Flower, which can control all the magic flowers. Vicky grows the Rebel Roses, a team of evil flowers that brings chaos! LingLing is in danger and only Travis can save her!"
"No description"
"No description"
15 Nov 2016
"It's exam time at Regal Academy and our heroes have special classes taught by the Guardian Dragons! They're interrupted by the Wicked Stepsisters who take control of the Dragons and turn them against our heroes!"
Season 2 - Regal Academy
"No description"