My Crazy Sex

Real life people tell their most outrageous and scandalous sex stories which are reenacted with actors.

Country: USA

Duration: 41 min

Quality: HD

Release: 2016

IMDb: 5.6

Season 1 - My Crazy Sex
"A wedding reception hook-up leads to a culinary sex adventure and a sticky situation. A young couple\u2019s sexual adventure proves that you can love nature, but it doesn\u2019t always love you back. A cheating boyfriend drives a furious woman to take grudge sex to new heights."
"A young couple try a recreational drug to spice up their sex life; a teacher learns a harsh lesson in romance while on a flight; and a high-school crush is consummated years later."
"A married couple takes role playing a bit too far and learns it\u2019s all fun and games until someone ends up unconscious. A young couple realizes that not all that glitters is good for you. A young woman chooses the wrong time and place to introduce her new boyfriend to her sexual wild side."
"When a young writing student starts secretly dating the teacher\u2019s assistant, he learns that his private lessons come at a very high price. When a young actress starts dating her famous and eccentric director, he convinces her to reveal more than just her emotions. When a woman gets romantically involved with her favorite radio DJ, she discovers the voice she fell for is much smoother than the man she\u2019s dating."
"When a couple befriends new neighbors, she begins to suspect that three\u2019s company and she\u2019s the odd woman out. When a park ranger decides to help a woman unearth her family\u2019s fortune, he discovers there\u2019s more buried in his park than he could have imagined. When a woman starts dating a yoga instructor, she finds out that he may be twisted to his spiritual core."
"Sparks fly when 2 childhood classmates reunite\u2026 until everything crashes and burns. After swearing off men, an independent woman meets a sexy mystery man who seems oddly familiar. Group therapy turns into gang warfare when a desperate man attends couples counseling to save his relationship."
Season 2 - My Crazy Sex
"A married couple looking for excitement sets in motion a date night from hell. A sex-starved woman under house arrest ropes an unlikely accomplice into conjugal visits. A so-called chance encounter in a roller rink proves that love sometimes spins a 360."
"A married couple decides to suspend things to spice up their marriage. A love-struck woman discovers the perfect remedy for a lonely heart. A young woman learn that love can be horrifying, especially when dating someone obsessed with death."
"A romantic crush climaxes with an unexpected crash; a divorce leads to the discovery that grief is nature's greatest aphrodisiac; in the cutthroat world of online dating, a woman risks everything for the perfect date."
"A divorc\u00e9e tracks down an old flame; psychic signals get crossed, leading to a romantic romp for the wrong couple; a lovesick college student gets schooled on the hazards of dating a mature man."
"The thrill of getting caught reignites a couple's stagnant sex life with very public consequences; a rookie realtor's forbidden fling leads to some very bad behavior."