The Millionaire Matchmaker

In Los Angeles, Patti Stanger runs an agency that pairs millionaires with the men and women of their dreams.

Genre: Reality

Actor: Patti Stanger

Country: USA

Duration: N/A

Quality: HD

Release: 2008

IMDb: 4.6

Season 1 - The Millionaire Matchmaker
"In the first episode Patti introduces how she sets up Millionaires with women as she tries to find women for party boy Dave and older Harold."
"This episode introduces young real estate mogul Julien and an aging rocker Jeff."
"As her parents come to town for a visit, Patti helps her friends Tai and German in the quest of finding the perfect match. Also, Patti's own love life is questioned by her family."
"Patti works with two young millionaires. With both of them being very shy, Patti will have to coach these two men and give them some hints about the dating arena."
"Once peace is back among her staff, Patti works on finding the perfect dates for millionaire skater Robby and Brendan, a young guy from New Jersey."
"Patti works on finding love for real estate developer Paul and for the owner of a talent agency. One of them will find his soul mate and give this episode a fairy tale ending."
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Season 2 - The Millionaire Matchmaker
"Patti aids a 28-year old CEO of an energy drink company, and assists an image conscious retail owner."
"Patti has landed a client which is much different than usual as she is a female and named Heidi. She is a CEO and fashionista. Elsewhere, Patti searches for a match for a handsome forty-something hotel executive who likes kids and much younger women. Back at the office, Patti has hired a new assistant who is Destin's girlfriend."
"Patti works with two exact opposite clients, a vitamin company CEO named Laurence who is an extrovert, and Andrew, an introverted advertising agent. Meanwhile, drama unfolds when Rachel, the newest office hire, fouls up a recruiting session."
"Jeff, a jazz musician, asks for Patti's help in finding him a girl gone wild. Meanwhile, Patti and Chelsea work frantically to find a mate for their client, who is a bit self-absorbed."
"Patti has a pair of wealthy men to help out in this episode---Daniel is a celebrity artist, and Chris is a laid back surfer dude."
"Shauna is a millionaire in search of a man with Patti's help, but catty friction arises between the two women which complicates matchmaking attempt. Meanwhile, a part-hearty male seeks a woman of the same makeup."
"Patti escorts her staff to Napa Valley for an employee retreat, then plays a romantic for a former football player and a club owner from Chicago. Next, Patti intervenes at a mixer when a potential match does not go as planned."
"Patti works overtime to find a match for a young NBA player find a love match. Patti's next client is thirtysomething and works in real estate developing, but she believes he needs a makeover first."
"Patti seeks help from a psychic in gaining wisdom in her own romantic life. Back at the business, Patti assists a CEO\/single dad and a cosmetic surgeon from Beverly Hills in finding romance."
"Patti searches for dates and mates for an Israel-born real-estate maven, and a Kurdish-Iranian entrepreneur. The second man shocks Patti when he brings in his entire family to meet and choose the proper woman for him."
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"Patti's girlfriends from Miami arrive for a visit, and the group heads out of town. Patti attempts to find romance for her first gay client, a work-oholic who owns a boutique PR firm. Patti's second client is a flashy entertainer from Las Vegas, who's act contains adult oriented material."
Season 3 - The Millionaire Matchmaker
19 Jan 2010
"In the third season premiere, Patti Stanger meets best friends and business partners Omar Soliman and Nick Friedman. Founders of trash removal company College Hunks Hauling Junk, these 27-..."
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02 Feb 2010
"Patti announces that she is sick and tired of dealing with some of her old clients. However, there is one client they just can't shake yet: Shauna Raisch, 42, Patti's arch nemesis from last..."
09 Feb 2010
"Patti definitely has her hands full this week with Hollywood Director Rupert Wainwright, 48-years-old, and 41 year-old Smike Wallen. Rupert is an ageist, telling Patti that his ideal woman ..."
16 Feb 2010
"Patti's next client, Jason Davis, is sloppy, eccentric and out of it and says he won't change for anyone. Sweet relief comes in the form of Chelsea's client, David Sheltraw: early 50s, tall..."
02 Mar 2010
"Patti is nervous to hear she has another returning millionaire this week. Jimmy D is flying in from Las Vegas and is going to give Patti another crack at fixing him up. Patti's other client..."
09 Mar 2010
"Patti's first millionaire is Tricia Cruz, a free-spirited 38 year-old divorcee who is thinking about switching teams and dating women. Destin convinces Patti to help out a 26-year-old ..."
16 Mar 2010
"Douglas Donehoo is a 39 year-old gay millionaire who owns an all-organic sportswear line. Patti's other client is British import, Nicole Sherwin, a 40-year-old divorcee who now lives in L.A..."
23 Mar 2010
"Up first for Patti is ex-professional volleyball player Ayinde Alakoye. He's 37-years-old, well built, tall, with everything going for him. Next up is Will Ratner, a $40 million trust fund ..."
30 Mar 2010
"The first is Justin Levine, a Canadian trust fund millionaire who has recently moved to Los Angeles to fully pursue his new career in the entertainment industry. Justin is a real-life Peter..."
06 Apr 2010
"Chelsea reveals her client is Dylan Smith, a nerdy and very young Internet entrepreneur who is looking to fulfill his five-year plan of finding a relationship that will lead to marriage. ..."
13 Apr 2010
"Patti meets her newest client, Greg Knoll, a 47-year-old mortgage broker and self-made millionaire who, after two engagements, hasn't been able to make it to the altar. Last season, this ..."
"The matchmaking dramas of Season 3 are highlighted in a reunion installment."
Season 4 - The Millionaire Matchmaker
"No description"
26 Oct 2010
"Patti is surprised with a visit from Caroline Manzo, the powerhouse of Bravo's \"The Real Housewives of New Jersey\" who wants Patti to set up her two sons, Albie, 24, and Chris, 21."
02 Nov 2010
"Starting to question her move east, Patti has two clients that truly test her patience. David Yontef is a 39-year-old gay business owner who is exceptionally judgmental and bases everything..."
09 Nov 2010
"Beth Shak is a professional poker player who has made tons of money, but is unsuccessful in love because she mothers her men by cooking, cleaning and buying everything for them. At 40 years..."
16 Nov 2010
"Destin, with much trepidation, announces that they have not one but two millionairesses this week: Sky, the fabulous globetrotting DJ and Stacy, the mother of four with what seems like nine careers."
23 Nov 2010
"PJ is a beach bum millionaire who lives in the Bahamas and does not want to grow up. He is the \"I'd rather be surfing\" bumper sticker come to life. Cindy, on the other hand, is the romance ..."
30 Nov 2010
"Patti uses all her tricks this week as she asks Leah to meet Jordan at a restaurant before the mixer, but there's a twist. Dr. Lillian Glass, the resident body language expert, looks on ..."
07 Dec 2010
"Patti finds that Doug the divorce lawyer is always looking for a bigger better deal when it comes to women. He is very proud of his body and assortment of tattoos, not to mention his ..."
14 Dec 2010
"Judith wants to laugh at this point in her life and claims that sex is absolutely not necessary for her anymore. Patti also finds time for Andrea, a workaholic catering company owner from ..."
28 Dec 2010
"Patti is leery of Matt, the \"gaygist\" heir to the Dr. Siegal Cookie Diet fortune. He is in his late forties and wants to date very young, moldable guys. Meanwhile, Irena is a statuesque ice..."
04 Jan 2011
"Patti has her hands full this week with two millionaires who have their own unique personalities. Robin is a curvy Hello Kitty fanatic that loves her dogs and owns her own PR firm. John is ..."
"In the Season 4 finale, Patti tries not to fumble when she plays matchmaker for former NFL player Freddie Mitchell. Patti also reluctantly works for a return client named Stacy. Not believing a word Stacy says, Patti feels compelled to set up a lie-detector machine for her client."
Season 5 - The Millionaire Matchmaker
"No description"
22 Aug 2011
"Patti is skeptical about her first millionaire this week, 42-year-old Brian Wallos, a wannabe Hugh Hefner who made his millions by making trading cards that feature scantily clad women. ..."
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25 Sep 2011
"This week, both of Patti's clients are self-help gurus who can't seem to help themselves when it comes to finding love. Steve G. Jones is a twice-divorced celebrity hypnotherapist who ..."
06 Oct 2011
"Season three's favorite \"Nice Guy,\" Ayinde Alakoye, is back for a second helping of Patti's matchmaking. This time he wants a woman who has beauty, brains, style and an entrepreneurial ..."
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"No description"
15 Nov 2011
"Patti is skeptical about her first client Michael Leslie, who is successful in business, close to his family, a talented musician and, to top it off, a hopeless romantic. Michael has never ..."
"No description"
29 Nov 2011
"Andy Cohen sits down with Patti for the first-ever reunion special. Visited by some of Patti's most memorable clients, including Hello Kitty fanatic Robin Kassner, who offered to buy her ..."
"Andy Cohen hosts the conclusion of a two-part reunion installment featuring matchmaker Patti Stanger chatting about Season 5 dramas and revisiting some of her most memorable big-bucks yet romantically challenged clients."
Season 6 - The Millionaire Matchmaker
10 Jan 2013
"Daniel Negreanu is a 37-year-old World Class professional poker player who is done gambling with love. But Patti sends him to astrologer Christopher Renstrom, and soon Daniel has his ..."
"No description"
"No description"
29 Jan 2013
"Patti's task is to set up Irv, actress Denise Richards' dad, whose wife passed away from cancer five years ago. Irv feels he's finally ready to date again, but can Patti find the right ..."
"No description"
02 Feb 2013
"Matt Riviera is 28, owns a sand and gravel company, but is probably best known in his Arkansas hometown for not only being a fan of Professional Wrestling, but for actually doing it! Aimee ..."
26 Feb 2013
"\"Hello Kitty\" superfan Robin Kassner is back with her bleach blonde hair, but in order for Patti to take her seriously, she must go through a makeover to lose the blond and pink. Both a ..."
05 Mar 2013
"Patti is visited by Yigit Pura, celebrity client, pastry chef and winner of \"Top Chef: Just Desserts.\" He's 31, successful and is busy working on his dream of opening up a patisserie in San..."
12 Mar 2013
"Patti is ecstatic when she finds out her first client is retired NFL punter, Mitch Berger. Patti loves setting up professional athletes and Mitch is perfect, he's hunky, sweet and ready for..."
19 Mar 2013
26 Mar 2013
"Adam Gaynor, former guitarist for the band Matchbox Twenty, is looking for love. But after meeting Adam, Patti diagnoses him right away - he's all about the jokes and uses laughs to deflect..."
26 Mar 2013
"Both millionaires have a crush on the same type of women - redheads! Although it's not Patti's favorite look, she embraces the red and even dons a wig herself to hold the Millionaire Club's..."