Homicide Hunter: Lt. Joe Kenda

Lt. Joe Kenda solves cases.

Genre: Documentary

Actor: Carl Marino , Josh Casaubon

Country: USA

Duration: 43 min

Quality: HD

Release: 2011

IMDb: 8.9

Season 1 - Homicide Hunter: Lt. Joe Kenda
"After being dropped off at a bar by her sister's boyfriend, a woman is never seen alive again."
"A young woman is found strangled in the backseat of her car; Detective Kenda must uncover her past."
"A young woman is found raped and murdered in her home."
"Church deacon is beaten to death; Kenda uncovers a secret."
"Military wife is found strangled; Kenda is on the trail."
"Kenda is on the trail of a serial killer."
Season 2 - Homicide Hunter: Lt. Joe Kenda
"An apparent robbery that ended in the murder of a woman is investigated."
"The strangling death of a teenage runaway is investigated."
"Kenda investigates a robbery that left five people dead."
"Lt. Kenda's investigation into the arson-related death of a housewife takes a bizarre turn when the woman's son shows up at a police station in another town."
"Kenda investigates a murder case involving a soldier who was beaten to death by a mob of teenagers."
"Lt. Kenda investigates a case involving a fast-food manager who was found dead in her car."
"Lt. Kenda investigates a shooting outside a high school that resulted in a teenager's death."
"Lt. Kenda investigates the deaths of a woman and her four children."
"Kenda investigates the murder of a mother who was shot in her home."
"Lt. Kenda investigates the death of a young man who was shot outside a neighborhood bar."
Season 3 - Homicide Hunter: Lt. Joe Kenda
"A young woman is found naked and strangled in a park not 200 yards from her home. Friends and neighbors give police a field of suspects, but none pan out. It isn\u2019t until Lt. Joe Kenda rethinks the entire case that he realizes someone has been lying."
"Two hunters find a blood-drenched car on a remote road, its owner riddled with buckshot. When Lt. Joe Kenda learns the car was reported stolen, he follows its trail to a group of unlikely suspects, and follows them down a dark path of lust and revenge."
"Suspected hit and run, killing mother Shaundra Murr, becomes a crime of passion when Joe Kenda uncovers new evidence."
"When the slain body of a marathon runner is found just hours before a big race, it falls to Lt. Joe Kenda to solve the case. With the help of a trusted K-9 officer, Kenda sets off to find the killer himself before he strikes again."
"Eric Houston is found stabbed to death in a seedy motel, but the ensuing investigation is stymied by a long list of suspects. Lt. Joe Kenda refuses to let the case run cold, and deploys a groundbreaking new technology to catch the killer."
"When the son of a prominent politician is murdered in his basement, Lt. Joe Kenda feels pressure from City Hall to solve the case. To do so, Kenda must sort through a list of nefarious suspects, and delve deep into the victim\u2019s eccentric lifestyle."
"When a family of four is brutally murdered, it sends a shockwave of fear through Colorado Springs. Police believe they have a spree killer on their hands, until Lt. Joe Kenda discovers a gruesome connection between the perpetrator and his victims."
"Local grocery store owners are brutally attacked and left for dead. Joe Kenda sets out to catch these killers with little more than a vague witness description."
"When carefree restaurant worker Donald Ott is found shot to death on Christmas Day, friends tell police he didn\u2019t have an enemy in the world. Then Lt. Joe Kenda learns of a relative with a long criminal history who might hold the key to the mystery."
"Soft-spoken restaurant worker Sharon Coleman is murdered in a hail of large caliber gunfire. With scant physical evidence, Lt. Joe Kenda must break through a web of lies to hunt down one of the most dangerous criminal masterminds he\u2019s ever faced."
"At the bottom of a steep ravine, joggers discover a body mutilated beyond recognition. To catch a ruthless maniac, Lt. Joe Kenda must first solve the puzzle of the victim\u2019s identity, then piece together the ill-fated love triangle that led to his demise."
"When police find 24-year-old Patrick Ray with a gunshot to the temple, the scene has all the telltale signs of suicide. But Lt. Joe Kenda\u2019s instinct says otherwise. When Kenda he digs deeper, he uncovers a murder mystery as shocking as it is tragic."
"The bullet-ridden bodies of two sisters are found in a suburban house that\u2019s littered with mysterious clues. The case is stuck in neutral until Lt. Joe Kenda learns that the two unassuming young mothers shared an explosive secret."
Season 4 - Homicide Hunter: Lt. Joe Kenda
"A park ranger discovers the corpse of amateur boxer Corey Edge floating in a shallow creek. Lt. Joe Kenda investigates a rogue's gallery of hustlers, thugs and career criminals. Kenda realizes the real killers have been hiding in plain sight."
"Ernestine Addison and her son Bobby are gunned down in cold blood. A tipster points Lt. Joe Kenda towards a shadowy figure spotted fleeing the scene, but the case heats up when he receives word that the killer's murderous rampage isn't over just yet."
"When two young mothers are gunned down behind a crowded bar, Kenda has to first determine who was the intended target. But the case takes a bizarre turn when he learns of a third young woman who was recently murdered under eerily similar circumstances."
"Officers find the lifeless body of furniture salesman behind the wheel. But Faast didn't die in the wreck - he was shot point-blank in the temple. Lt. Joe Kenda must track a killer whose promising career took a dark and deadly turn."
"The corpse of Jamie Foster is found hidden under a blanket. But when Lt. Joe Kenda digs deeper, he discovers that Foster's business put him in close quarters with a host of unsavory characters."
"A war hero is beaten to death for no apparent reason. The crime scene offers few clues, but Lt Joe Kenda notices an unusual pattern in the victim's head wounds and enlists a team of engineers to help him identify the murder weapon and crack the case."
"Officers discover the body of a young man they know all to well - police informant Jimmie Stevenson. But Jimmy's loose lips made him a potential target for a laundry list of killers, and it's up to Lt. Joe Kenda to determine who pulled the trigger."
"When a pregnant mother and her young sons are brutally slain, pressure mounts for the CSPD to catch the monster who did it. After a city-wide manhunt, Kenda begins to tighten the noose on a prime suspect, but what happens next will shock him to his core."
"When a mother is killed, Lt Joe Kenda wonders if it\u2019s a robbery gone wrong, until a slew of hateful messages surface. Then, patrols discover a body on a roadway after an evident hit-and-run, but the victim\u2019s true cause of death turns the case on its head."
"A father is shot in the head just steps from a strip club. When Lt Joe Kenda traces the victim\u2019s last hours, the field of potential suspects grows, but no one will talk. The case is halted until Kenda uncovers a conspiracy organized by an unlikely gunman."
"When a squabble at a store turns violent, Raymond Archuleta steps in to help- only to be stabbed through the heart. Lt Joe Kenda must solve the case with little evidence besides a bloody bouquet, and a sketch of the mystery woman last seen holding them."
"When a pilot is found dead in her trailer, police are stumped; until Lt Joe Kenda finds a startling connection between the victim and her killer. Then, Kenda is called to a bloody shooting, only to discover that the murder victim is an old family friend."
"In his first case with the homicide unit, rookie burglary detective Joe Kenda volunteers to work a bloody multi-victim shooting deemed \"unsolvable\" by the veterans. But has the ambitious young investigator bitten off more than he can chew?"
Season 5 - Homicide Hunter: Lt. Joe Kenda
"A popular army vet is found bleeding to death on the cold asphalt of a shadowy parking lot -his chest littered with too many knife wounds to count. A gruesome clue leads Kenda's team to an unlikely killer whose motive for murder is as heartless."
"Kenda encounters one of the most horrendous crime scenes of his career, and he's lead to the most unexpected of killers. Then, a young soldier dies from a bullet to the neck from an apparent suicide, but the case soon spins in a whole new direction."
"A young father-to-be is shot dead in broad daylight by a single bullet fired from afar. At the crime scene, Kenda recognizes the hallmark of a skilled sniper. But with zero evidence at his disposal, he'll rely on shoe leather detective work."
"A seemingly random attack leaves Mary Moebus dead. But when Lt Joe Kenda uncovers a cache of new evidence, he realizes someone's been lying. Then, a cryptic note leads Kenda to a luxurious bachelor pad with a bedroom soaked in blood."
"Neighbors are stunned when close friends Louis Matos and Colleen Johnson are gunned down in cold blood. The case kicks into high gear when Lt. Joe Kenda locates a panic-stricken eyewitness who played an unwitting role in the bloodbath."
"A shooter on a rampage leaves a 24 year old woman dead, and her two year-old child clinging to life. Investigators pursue a convoluted trail that ultimately leads Lt. Joe Kenda face to face with a cold-blooded killer."
"A 4th of July house party erupts in violence, and a young man is shot dead behind the wheel of a car. Lt. Joe Kenda must sort through a mountain of suspects, until a peculiar clue puts him hot on the heels of a self-styled gangster."
"A decapitated body is discovered on some train tracks. To solve the case, Lt. Joe Kenda must listen to a voice from beyond the grave. Then, a young girl's body is found in basement. To find her killer, Kenda must expose a family secret."
"A massive brawl erupts at a local bar ends with the shooting death of a young army solider. To unravel the murder, Lt. Joe Kenda must infiltrate a revered military institution, and expose a dangerous vendetta."
"When the lifeless body of Willie McCarty is found at the base of a staircase, neighbors direct Kenda to a mysterious truck spotted fleeing the scene. Then... Kenda must solve a bizarre case of poisoning at a busy downtown hospital."
"After an ambush at a hamburger stand leaves a teenager dead, Lt. Joe Kenda must penetrate rumors in order to zero in on his prime suspect, then a surprise witness blows the case wide open."
"A romantic rendezvous is cut short by a violent home invasion, leaving young business owner Kelly Knudson bleeding to death on the floor. Lt Joe Kenda is short on leads, until he learns of an ex-roommate with an axe to grind."
"After an explosion rocks a sleepy suburb, Lt. Joe Kenda must identify a pile of charred remains and find the killer who triggered the blast; a car chase ends in a violent showdown."
"After martial artist Carl Hunt suffers a fatal knife wound to the gut, his friends and neighbors fail to offer up any viable leads to Lt. Joe Kenda."
"The shooting deaths of two grandparents are investigated. Also: CSPD responders discover a badly mutilated body."
"The shooting of a young mother-to-be and the discovery of a body in a creek are investigated."
"Kenda and a major crimes unit embark on a quest to bring a masked gunman to justice after an increase in brutal robberies occurs across the city. Kenda is confident they will catch their crimminal, but Kenda's case appears to go down in flames."
"Kenda's first homicide case as a Police Sergeant has him taking risks and being under pressure to solve the case fast in order to prove himself."
"An apartment building goes up in flames and a body is found inside. Kenda and his team must discover if the fire was an accident or a cover-up for a murder."
"A decomposed body is found in a remote portion of Cheyenne Ca\u00f1on Park. Kenda and his team search for the killer before the case goes cold, only to find another murder case on their hands. Kenda must find the connection to these cases before he loses his chances of finding his killer and allowing his soul to be tortured by allowing a case to go cold."
Season 6 - Homicide Hunter: Lt. Joe Kenda
"When Pamela Edwards is found shot through the heart, Lt. Joe Kenda's first task is to shield her young daughters from the horrendous scene. Soon police close in on her killer, ending with a white-knuckle car and foot chase across Colorado Springs."
"When thirteen-year-old PJ Grant is found dead from a single gunshot wound to the head, Lt. Joe Kenda assumes it\u2019s a suicide. But when the physical evidence doesn\u2019t add up, it opens the door to a world of possibilities-from hatred to human sacrifice."
"When uninvited guests crash a barrio birthday party, violence erupts\u2014leaving Enrique Urrutia dead and potentially sparking a gang war. To keep the peace, Lt. Joe Kenda must crack an unwritten code of silence and bring Enrique\u2019s killer to justice."
"When Keith Andrews is killed, a man steps forward claiming he did it in self-defense-but Lt. Joe Kenda has his doubts. Then... Civil Rights icon Gretchen McRae is found decomposing in her house. And that\u2019s not even the biggest secret on the premises."
"A drive-by shooting leaves Van Terry dead; to crack the case, Lt. Joe Kenda must put his faith...in a burglar. Then, Cherie Bradley and her ex-boyfriend Anthony Carroll are found dead, and it\u2019s up to Kenda to discover which of their relatives did it."
"When Cheryl Brantner\u2019s children find her dead in her bathtub, Lt. Joe Kenda must decide if this was a soapy accident or something worse. Then, a gathering of local tattoo artists turns ugly, leaving Philip Titus dead and the only suspects his peers."
"When young Iraq War veteran Curtis Ashley ends up dead, Lt. Joe Kenda has to solve the slaying of a seemingly innocent victim using just a mere shred of evidence and his keen awareness of the criminal mind."
"Vietnam War veteran Charles Walker is found unconscious, after a stabbing attack so savage even 45 units of blood couldn\u2019t save his life. It\u2019s up to Lt. Joe Kenda to follow the bloody trail of clues and piece together the victim\u2019s last moments."
"When Johnny Crawford is killed in his easy chair, police are perplexed to learn he may have been shot over a musical instrument. But as Lt. Joe Kenda digs deeper, it soon becomes clear the young man wasn\u2019t killed for his own sins, but someone else\u2019s."
"When a gunfight erupts at a local biker bar and claims the lives of two men, Lt. Joe Kenda must delve deep into the world of an infamous biker gang to determine if the cause behind the violent encounter was gang rivalry or something more personal."
"It\u2019s New Year\u2019s Eve weekend, and in the midst of the revelry Miguel Mendez is beaten to death outside a convenience store. Lt. Joe Kenda faces a challenging investigation, his only clues coming from a drunken witness and Miguel\u2019s strange injuries."
"George Ferribee, a loving son led astray by addiction, is found executed. When Lt. Joe Kenda learns the victim had recently been kidnapped, he assumes the crimes are related... but soon discovers things are much more complicated than he had expected."
"When the severed head of a wife and mother is found, Kenda uses forensics and interrogation to find both her body and her killer. Then... a young man\u2019s murder looks like a robbery gone wrong until Kenda learns the odd reason he\u2019s living there."
"A star athlete is gunned down just weeks before starting college, leaving family heartbroken and detectives stumped. The young man seems an unlikely target, until Lt. Joe Kenda pries into his personal life and the events of his last night on earth."
"In his first year on the force, rookie patrol officer Joe Kenda quickly learns the ropes. But when he tries to singlehandedly stop a brawling mob, he finds himself facing down gunfire. Can Kenda help detectives catch the man who nearly killed him?"
"When two teens discover a lifeless body in the street, Lt. Joe Kenda must determine if the killer was a jealous lover or just plain unhinged. Then Kenda turns to a forensic expert to see if a young mother could possibly have hung herself."
"A young man is found gunned down, leading Lt. Joe Kenda to delve into his troubled past and his connection to the world of rare coins. Then...a mother of five is shot in the head and it's up to Kenda to uncover the truth behind her untimely death."
"Sgt. Joe Kenda faces his worst nightmare when he learns a friend and fellow officer, Mark Dabling, has been killed in the line of duty; police conduct an all-out manhunt and discover the gunman is even more dangerous than they'd thought."
"Police are shocked to find a 13-year-old boy killed in an explosion, but their grief turns to alarm when they discover a second, unexploded bomb. To catch the killer, Det. Joe Kenda must first figure out whom the bomb was meant for."
"When Julie Smith reports being sexually assaulted, Lt. Joe Kenda and his Sex Crimes Unit discover a terrifying similarity to other attacks on the east side of town. It's a race against the clock to catch a serial rapist before he strikes again."
Season 7 - Homicide Hunter: Lt. Joe Kenda
"On the night before Halloween, a real-life nightmare unfolds when a young man is found clinging to life. The case takes a dark turn when Lt. Joe Kenda learns there is a second victim somewhere in the woods. Can police rescue him before it's too late?"
"A community is shocked when Antoine McKenzie is brazenly shot outside an auto parts store in broad daylight. But when no witnesses can identify the killer, the only lead left for Lt. Joe Kenda is a final message written in the victim's own blood."
"When 71-year-old Orville Head passes away, no one questions the death of an elderly man with health problems, then a tip comes in suggesting foul play, and Lt. Joe Kenda must exhume the deceased man's body to reveal the truth."
"A gathering of friends turns deadly after two gunmen shoot William Davis in the head; while the witnesses are unable to provide any solid leads, Lt. Joe Kenda digs into Davis' past and starts to suspect someone in William's circle is lying."
"When a retired military man runs over a pedestrian, it's up to Lt. Joe Kenda to determine if the accident was the result of bad brakes or bad intent; a shooting in a dive bar leads to a quick arrest, but Kenda can't shake feelings of unease."
"Lt. Joe Kenda looks for answers in the death of Calvin Blair, a young man stabbed and left for dead on the roadside; after Alexandra Drake is shot in the face, she manages to tell police it was an accident, but Kenda isn't so sure he believes her."
"Beloved teacher Barbara Lewis is poisoned in her classroom; as doctors fight to save her life, Lt. Joe Kenda and his team delve into her personal affairs looking for clues, but the biggest revelation comes from the poison itself."
"A confrontation between enemies turns deadly, and Lt. Joe Kenda\u2019s best hope for answers lies with a grainy, dubbed-over surveillance tape; an elderly man fights for his life after a suspicious slip-and-fall."
"A young sheriff's deputy is posted to guard the scene of a charred cabin on the slopes of Pikes Peak overnight, then he's found dead in his patrol car the next morning, and his fellow lawmen must set aside their grief to hunt down his killer."
"After a 15-year old girl goes missing, Lt. Joe Kenda investigates the mysterious circumstances surrounding her disappearance; a family man is shot dead on his neighbor's doorstep."
"When a crazed gunman terrorizes his neighborhood, officers put themselves in the line of fire to restore order; a man discovers his elderly father has been stabbed in the back, and the knife itself turns out to be Lt. Joe Kenda's biggest clue."
"Rookie detective Joe Kenda investigates an explosion at the Pikes Peak National Bank; he must figure out if the bombing is an isolated robbery or the opening move in a wave of terror and destruction about to descend upon Colorado Springs, Colo."
"A man rushes his friend to the hospital with serious gunshot wounds, reporting they were robbed by strangers; after realizing the facts don't add up, Lt. Joe Kenda and his team go on the hunt for an eyewitness who could crack the case wide open."
"After a teenager is killed at a party, police question the guests and wonder if they're all part of a cover-up; then a reported suicide leaves Lt. Joe Kenda with doubts."
"A meeting between two businessmen leaves one shot in the face; Lt. Kenda realizes the victim could actually be the aggressor, shot struggling over his own gun."
"A churchgoing grandmother is found stabbed to death in her apartment, leaving Lt. Joe Kenda to wonder what sort of monster could do such a thing; then Kenda investigates the mysterious death of a successful dentist, and the case gets personal."
"Lt. Joe Kenda and his Fugitive Unit search for two escaped inmates in Colorado Springs, Colo.; police break up a domestic dispute and find a body in the bedroom."
"When a woman fails to come home from work, her daughter knows something terrible must have happened and reports her missing; as the investigation unfolds, Lt. Joe Kenda realizes he could be dealing with a fledgling serial killer."
"A card game is interrupted by gunfire, leaving a young man dead. Lt. Joe Kenda soon learns the seeds of his destruction were sewn earlier the same day. Then When Kenda responds to a double shooting, he and his team are soon taken down memory lane."
"A newborn girl is kidnapped, leaving her mother in anguish and police scrambling to find her; as days go by with no sign of the baby or demands for ransom, Sgts. Joe Kenda and Robert Sapp fear she's been sold on the black market or worse."
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Season 8 - Homicide Hunter: Lt. Joe Kenda
"A woman's mangled body is found beside a lonely stretch of highway. When the coroner suspects foul play, Kenda is called in to solve the second homicide case of his career. But along the way, the rookie detective will learn a painful lesson."
"The discovery of a family home littered with corpses tasks Kenda with unspooling the paranoid obsessions of a diseased mind, and forces him to confront his greatest fear. Then a deadly beating a cheap motel illuminates the dark underbelly of love."
"The murder of a popular teenager at a crowded house party sends Lt. Joe Kenda down a winding road paved with lies, misdirection and innuendo; detectives use blood evidence to solve the shooting death of a firearms enthusiast."
"When a young U.S. Army veteran is found stabbed to death on his living room floor, suspicion lands on a neighbor who was arrested during an altercation; when Lt. Kenda takes a closer look at the victim's love life, he realizes someone's been lying."
"When affable ladies' man Michael Tittemore is gunned down in the dead of night, Lt. Joe Kenda sets his sights on the roommates who were present during the murder; then, a revelation turns his attention to a far more nefarious band of suspects."
"Lt. Joe Kenda finds the bullet-ridden bodies of a middle-aged couple in a musty suburban house alongside the corpses of their two beloved pets; the case gets stuck in neutral until detectives discover an essential clue hidden behind a birdcage."
"A bystander receives a deadly head injury during a roadside altercation, then his body disappears from the scene; after a toddler is kidnapped for ransom, Lt. Joe Kenda joins forces with an undercover team in a race against time."
"The murder of a young father stuns his close-knit community, but the investigation reveals a neighborly dispute turned deadly; when a house is besieged by mysterious gunfire, Kenda enlists a team of specialists to trace the bullets' origin."
"Hardworking family man Douglas Warren stumbles into a downtown bar with a gunshot wound to the neck and bleeds out on the floor; to catch the killer, Kenda must conduct a risky sting operation and launch an interstate manhunt."
"When a drunken dispute at a biker bar turns deadly, Kenda must launch a manhunt for a pair of suspects who flee with a small boy in tow; a man is murdered in an onslaught of high caliber gunfire, but an unexpected break turns the case on its head."
"A 72-year-old man is found stabbed to death in a junkyard, wearing nothing but his underwear and dentures; when investigators discover a trail of purchases made with the victim's credit card, they hope it will lead them to the killer."
"Lt. Joe Kenda and his team investigate the scene of an apparent suicide, only to be forced to flee after discovering the house is booby-trapped; teenagers discover human bones on the outskirts of town."
"A young man is gunned down outside his home after helping friends move apartments; Sgt. Joe Kenda and Detective John Anderson must determine whether the killer was a complete stranger, a gang member or a jealous lover."
"A 13-year-old girl is missing, sending Kenda's city into a panic. Who is responsible?"
"Two teenagers stumble upon a woman engulfed in flames, leaving detectives to wonder who was capable of this magnitude of cruelty; when a college student is strangled in his home, Lt. Joe Kenda must figure out which of his roommates is lying."
"A hostage situation puts Sgt. Joe Kenda and his team to the test, as they try to save a family without getting shot themselves; a neighbor discovers two teenagers who apparently entered into a suicide pact; however, one of them has multiple injuries."
"Teenagers find a woman's corpse while attending a party on the outskirts of the city; detectives quickly determine that the victim was strangled with her own shoelace, but they struggle to identify her."
"A soldier is stabbed to death at a drive-thru; Kenda's only clue is that this stabbing is somehow tied to a break-dancing competition; a 29-year-old man who moves back to Colorado Springs, Colo., is shot execution-style at his welcome home party."
"Sgt. Joe Kenda gets an emergency call from his wife, Kathy, while facing off against a barricaded gunman; Kathy overhears gunfire, leading her to grapple with the terrifying realities of being married to a police officer."
"A woman is found in the mountains, naked and covered in blood; Detective Joe Kenda's investigation leads him to uncover a world of violence and sexual fetishes, culminating in the most intense interrogation of his career."
Season 9 - Homicide Hunter: Lt. Joe Kenda
"The naked body of a vibrant young mother is found frozen solid in a deserted cemetery. When all leads dry up, the case runs cold. But years later, Kenda reopens the investigation and recognizes the sinister hallmark of a serial killer."
"Soon after the lifeless body of Charlie Tuttle was discovered behind a locked bedroom door, his death was ruled a suicide. But six months later, Kenda receives an unprompted confession that propels the case in a whole new direction."
"A sharp-dressed pedestrian is shot in the back for unknown reasons. Chasing a promising lead, Kenda realizes he's barking up the wrong tree. Then when an impromptu argument turns fatal, a suspect's guilt boils down to his skill with deadly weapons."
"When an Air Force veteran dies unexpectedly, Kenda and his team must determine if it was a tragic accident or premeditated murder. But before long, they discover that their clean-cut victim had a secret life."
"Hikers stumble across a body."
"A divorc\u00e9 initiates an armed standoff."
"Two best friends are gunned down on a dark residential street. When a string of disappointments threaten to derail the case, Kenda enlists the help of an old acquaintance."
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