Too Stupid to Die - Season 1 Episode 6

A look inside the life not a daredevil Zach Holmes and his inner circle of antic-loving friends.

Genre: Comedy , Reality

Actor: Zach Holmes , Khyler Vick

Director: David Harris , Zach Holmes

Country: USA

Episode: 6/7 eps

Duration: N/A

Quality: HD

Release: 2018

IMDb: 4.2

Season 1 - Too Stupid to Die
"Blazer goes to driving school, Meemaw agrees to do a stunt with Zach, a remote-controlled car gives everyone a shock, the crew plays Hopper, and Meggan gets behind the wheel."
"Megan and Meemaw try to prove romance isn\u2019t dead when they set Zach up on a blind date. After getting ready for love with a few rounds of Pubic Archery, the crew heads into town to sets up a disastrous Kissing Booth."
"The TSTD crew is not only out of shape, they are out of their minds. After their annual physical, their doctor suggests that they get more serious about their health."
"Get to know the crew (and Meemaw) as they scour the hardware store to find inspiration for stunts, take up driving for a rideshare and turn Zach into a human wrecking ball."
"The crew embraces epic failure as Zach turns himself into human catfish bait, Blazer licks a frozen dildo, and Khyler tries to hang-glide across a river."
"Meemaw suggests the gang try group therapy, Meggan attempts to jump an Amish buggy, and the guys take bags of spicy habanero sauce to the face during a game of corn hole."
"The crew decides to combine every holiday into one epic party, Zach turns himself into a human pinata, and Khyler takes a slippery sleigh ride off the roof."