Eve - Season 2 Episode 6

Following Eve and her group of friends as they experience the highs and lows of life.

Genre: Comedy

Director: Meg DeLoatch

Country: USA

Episode: 6/32 eps

Duration: 30 min

Quality: HD

Release: 2003

IMDb: 6.4

Season 1 - Eve
"In the first episdoe of the series, Shelley Williams meets J.T. and the two start to date as friends. But when Shelley has a feeling that J.T.'s not his type of man to be dating with, it comes down to it when Rita and Janie think that the two are a perfect couple and that Shelley should give him another chance."
"Shelly is on the verge of falling for J.T. and ending her celibate ways, but Janie's brief encounter with J.T. at the supermarket may change her plans."
"After catching Shelly rifling through his wallet, a skeptical J.T. does some background checking of his own; Nick opts to get a tattoo. Rappers DMX and Bizarre have cameos."
"J.T. gives up taking salsa lessons, but Shelly continues with a handsome instructor; Nick helps Rita move into a studio apartment."
"J.T. unexpectedly agrees to Shelly's offer to pay for dinner, not knowing that she doesn't have enough money to actually pick up the tab. Shelly asks Rita for help, but she gets sidetracked by an encounter with supermodel Kylie Bax. Meanwhile, Nick borrows from Donovan's wardrobe in an attempt to become more attractive to women."
"J.T. and Shelly are all set to celebrate their three-month anniversary with a romantic weekend getaway until J.T. realizes he's already committed to play in a basketball tournament with his friends, and despite his attempt to soften the blow of canceling the trip with dinner and gifts, he still lands in the doghouse. L.A. Laker Derek Fisher guest stars."
"When J.T.'s mother walks in on him and Shelly in bed, Shelly fears their romance will sour unless she can win his mother's acceptance and respect, and Rita breaks up with her \"\"perfect man\"\" when their sexual role-playing typecasts her as the submissive one."
"J.T. is upset when Shelly discusses details of his bedroom antics with her gal pals, who disclose them to Missy Elliott (playing herself) in a nightclub during a celebration for Janie."
"J.T.'s old flame comes to town so Shelly feels she must up her game in order to keep her man from being tempted away."
"J.T. gets fed up with the long hours Shelly is working during the holidays; Donovan's ex-girlfriend visits.\n\nJ.T.'s mother tries to fix her son up with another woman (Kelly Rowland) when he tires of Shelley's busy schedule."
"After drinking his apple juice, shattering his favorite beer mug and walking in on him shadowboxing naked, Nick tells Shelly that she has overstayed her welcome at their townhouse, placing J.T. in the middle of a showdown between his best friend and his girlfriend."
"On Valentine's Day, the friends debate whether or not it was fate that Shelly and J.T. became acquainted. In a series of flashbacks to six months earlier, J.T. almost meets Shelly in line at a coffeehouse but becomes frustrated by her lengthy order. He also nearly encounters her at DivaStyle, but leaves after getting frightened by the sight of a wedding veil. Meanwhile, also in flashbacks, Shelly comes close to being seduced by handsome cheater Kevin Thorpe , with whom she had broken up. But at the last minute, she asserts her independence, leaves him and puts on the sexy dress to finally meet J.T.\u00e2\u20ac\u201dand her destiny\u00e2\u20ac\u201dat Z Lounge."
Season 2 - Eve
"In an attempt to mend their rocky relationship, J.T. and Shelly sit down for an honest conversation about the effort and compromises each must make if they're going to stay together, but just when she thinks they're making progress, Shelly is shocked to learn that J.T.'s idea of compromise involves her changing her lifestyle. Meanwhile, Nick tries to pretend that he is happy about Donovan's romantic interest in Rita after learning of their newfound mutual attraction."
"It's very hard for Shelley to get over her breakup relationship with J.T. So she gets help from a first ever book called \"\"Self Helpful\"\" which makes her feel independant while Rita and Janie worry that Shelley is still upset inside. Meanwhile J.T. can't get over the breakup relationship with Shelley and decides to let Nick and Donovan help him get over the breakup."
"Shelly and J. T. \u00e2\u20ac\u02dcdip back' and break Nick's pool table in the process. J. T. tries to make Nick believe he broke it. Janie and Rita express their concern to Shelly when she \u00e2\u20ac\u02dcdouble dips back' with J. T. Donavan asks Rita on a date that turns into a disaster."
"Shelly wants her things that she left at J. T.'s apartment. When she uses email to ask for them back, he responds he wants the money he \u00e2\u20ac\u02dcloaned' her to buy a car. Shelly decides to get the things from the apartment with the help of Rita and Janie. While there, Shelly decides to take the things she gave J. T. as gifts. After the police get involved, Rita and Donavon see the ugly side of the breakup, they decide to remain friends."
"Shelly hurts her knee when working out with Rita. J.T. has fixed the problem before so Janie and Rita urge Shelly to go see him. She finally gives in and meets a handsome doctor who asks her out. J.T. is not happy about the date and sets out to wreck it.\n\nDonovan bets a bragging Nick that he cannot run the bar for one night."
"After getting kicked out of her apartment Rita moves in with Janie. They discover common Cajun roots and begin to bond leaving Shelly out.\n\nNick has an expensive sports package added to his and J.T's cable which J.T. wants to watch but doesn't want help pay for since they didn't discuss buying it."
"Shelly's buds Janie and Rita convince her it is time to move on after she bickers with J.T. at the movies and they ruin the night for everyone. Shelly has a new friend who convinces her to get a little revenge on J.T.\n\nRita sells all her things in a garage sale but doesn't handle it well."
"Shelly has a date with a new beau Adrian which J. T. is okay with until he meets the handsome, buff boxer.\n\nRita's cozy living arrangement with Janie deteriorates. Shelly is afraid she may end up with Rita as a roommate, so she attempts to broker a peace between her two friends."
"When Shelly and Rita's competition for the affections of Joe (Carlos Ponce), a handsome bachelor, gets out of control, Janie steps in to save their friendship."
"Shelley breaks the \"\"no dates\"\" rule and invites her new boyfriend to the New Year's Eve party, and everyone swaps stories about past dates.\n\nEveryone discusses their worst New Year's Eve dates ever! Whoever had the worse one got an entire bottle of champagne.\n\nRita's date: died on New Year's Eve of a heart attack after she showed herself nude to him.\n\nNick's date: a ventriloquist dummie.\n\nJT's date: believed that she was \"\"Wonder Woman\"\"\n\nJanie & Marty's first New Year's Eve in their new house was ruined by the surprise visit by Marty's mother.\n\nDonovan's date hooked up with an old boyfriend during her date with Donovan.\n\nShelley found out that Mark was once gay and proposed to his ex-boyfriend on the top of a mountain."
"DivaStyle finds itself in a publicity nightmare when fashion commentator Robert Verdi slams one of its dresses, worn by Brooke Burke to a televised awards show."
"When Shelley starts wearing fake breasts, men begin to give her special treatment. She later considers getting breast implants."
Season 3 - Eve
"Shelly has to decide between two marriage proposals, by J.T. and Grant. Donovan, who skipped his flight back to England, is now living as an illegal citizen and he has to decide what to do with his life."
"An excited Shelly starts planning her wedding to J.T., but an unexpected visit from her mother might make her rethink the decision she made. Meanwhile, J.T. gets accepted to medical school. Donovan finds a way to stay in the U.S. as a legal citizen"
"Rita and Janie, realizing that Shelly ignores their creative input in DivaStyle, decide to start their own line of items, which causes a fierce competition between the women. J.T. realizes medical school isn't as easy as he thought it would be. Nick regrets dating a co-worker."
"A night of grazing on junk food leads the gang to realize they can each stand to lose some weight, but Shelly cheats on her diet, and crosses the line when she can't fit into her clothes. Also, the diet agreement is put in danger when Janie enlists the gang to help her prepare for her church bake sale."
"A severe storm makes the gang confront issues concerning greed and faith: Shelly squabbles with Janie over her lottery winnings, while Nick has a religious experience."
"Rita wants to be the face of DivaStyle, but Shelly and Janie oppose the idea, so Rita threatens to leave their partnership. Meanwhile, Donovan gets Nick hooked on makeup for men"
"Shelly and Janie select a hot young model to represent the new DivaStyle line, and discover that Rita is modeling for a rival brand. Meanwhile, Nick is tempted by J.T.'s study partner."
"Janie spills some of the gang's secrets on a live radio show with Tom Joyner, affecting the budding relationship between Rita and Nick. Meanwhile, Shelly is in hot water with J.T."